MASTER II package with 133 channels and 2 devices

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Goyard Replica Handbags Sky
FREE – São João de Meriti


Call or call on the zap (21) 96473-3926

Membership of plans with a device is FREE
The adhesion of plans with two devices for only R $ 60.00
Can be done in Credit Card, debit account or in
Master I package with 133 #channels and 1 Apparatus Mensalidade of the Master package R $ 99,90

#OBS: We also have the Smart package with 100 channels the monthly payment R $ 79,90

# We also have the Smart package with Brazilian with two devices for 129.90

MASTER II package with 133 channels and 2 devices in HD
The monthly package of the master package II 109,90

We also have the package TOP with all telecine, hbo, soccer, drawings and channel With three devices in HD being a record and pause, for 345,90
In this package you can request up to three additional points that cost 30.00 each., 00
The best you can DiVidir with who you want, can be home
NO ANALYSIS TO SPC AND The monthly fee only pays 30 days after the Do not stay outside Enjoy to have the best image in your # SKYHDTVÉISSO!!!

#OBS: I work with the sale of any package (Pre paid and post paid), facilities and
We have the new SKY PRE PAYMENT FLEX for only R $ 144,00 the device is yours, recharge whenever you want Goyard Replica Handbags.

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