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Cheap Snapbacks “That’s the biggest adjustment I’ve been able to make,” said Kontos, who turned 30 last Friday. “A couple years ago I was adamant about my lifting schedule, playing catch. I kind of figured out that you build in the offseason and in season, you want to maintain. Cheap Snapbacks

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cheap hats Embellish with buttons, wooden shapes, ribbon or raffia, hot glue a ribbon or twine hanger to the back and hang on your child’s door. I had a package of natural color wooden stars leftover from Halloween and using a fine point sharpie marker, added the words and stitching lines, then hot glued the star on with a raffia bow behind. So inexpensive and eaten up with cuteness!. cheap hats

supreme hats Amid the colorful sweaters and Santa hats in the annual Bi City Christmas parade, Pablo Diaz came down Broadway on Saturday with a huge wooden cross on his back with names written in black and red. Army veteran, didn’t forget about Jesus Christ and the American GI during the parade that attracted thousands on the streets of Columbus and Phenix City. A metal wheel attached to the bottom of the cross made it a little easier for Diaz to move his message to those watching the parade supreme hats.

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