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Toutes nos lunettes rpondent aux normes les plus svres de l’industrie, donc celles de l’ANSI Z87.1 et OSHA http://www.cheapraybanssale.com/, explique Richard Wright, prsident de Global Vision. L’homologation de ANSI exige que les lunettes subissent avec succs six tests qui dterminent la qualit optique du verre et trois autres qui confirment sa rsistance aux chocs. Un de ces tests consiste projeter sur le verre une bille d’un centimtre la vitesse de 160 km/h.

Right enough, people were interested. After launching the funding campaign with an initial target of 9,000, the donations started flooding in from around the world. “It seems there are thousands of people that want these sunglasses. We have, in America, a long history of both blatant and institutionalized racism so prolific that it has become indistinguishable from political rhetoric, and we refuse to examine it honestly and openly. The riots and the unrest are a direct result of this. I don think people should be rioting, and I won absolve rioters of their actions or the subsequent consequences.

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