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This project is a partnership between the University of Sydney, Australian National Maritime Museum, the Queensland Museum and the Silentworld Foundation.Using new cross disciplinary approaches and methods, this collaboration between university scholars, museum curators and a philanthropic foundation will study the impact of maritime and marine environmental and cultural change on the peoples and habitats of the Great Barrier Reef and the Torres Strait from the eighteenth century to the present.The original field anthropologist: Nikolai Miklouho Maclay in Oceania, 1871 1883Led by Drs Chris Ballard, Jude Philp and Elena Govor. A partnership with Australian National University.This project restores the nineteenth century Russian anthropologist Nikolai Miklouh Maclay to a central position in the histories of anthropology and of the European exploration of Oceania. Interviews with the source communities amongst which he lived will be used to analyse his field drawings and journals, most never previously published in English.Producers and Collectors: Uncovering the Role of Indigenous Agency in the Formation of Museum Collections.ARC Linkage LP0669137 (2006 2009).Led by Robin Torrence, Jude Philp and Annie Clarke.

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