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Canada Holdings is a marijuana investment Corporation that takes on marijuana companies in helps him perform the duties they need to succeed the marijuana investment industry has lots of marijuana projects from dispensaries to marijuana grows cannabis extraction marijuana retail we can help fit you for the most profitable marijuana business and we also help marijuana businesses that need that little boost to get over the hump and are willing to do the hard work that we the marijuana investor want to invest it we have been around for 30 years in the marijuana Industry

Kendall Holdings began in 1996 when medical marijuana became first on the scene kana Holdings was one of the first in Los Angeles to have a medical marijuana license work with doctor Idleman from West Hollywood who is one of three doctors in America to prescribe medical marijuana recommendations at the time in 1996 we work closely with doctors and lawyers to make sure we’re on board with the legal ramifications of medical marijuana and now with the new recreational marijuana laws we have top American attorneys they have been working on the medical marijuana in the marijuana industry for since 1996 so we are the right team for Marijuana investing that actually works

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marijuana investments Like indoor grow operations they grow recreational indoor cannabis for license cannabis stores in California we have numerous indoor grow opportunities for investors and also money for indoor growers this meet the California specifications contact us if you’re interested in investing or being sponsored as a legal marijuana grower In California and other states we have attorneys that specialize in this ready to go to bring everything above board and make sure everything’s profitable for everybody and investors get what they’re investing in thank you very much

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Canna Holdings owns THC.EVENTS  which sponsors different marijuana events and puts on cannabis show the 4:20 sessions for marijuana industry to showcase their marijuana products like cannabis infused edibles so if you are interested in the entertainement part of the marijuana industry THC events is putting on all marijuana related events all over the country it’s very profitable and good way to get your message out there THC.EVENTS

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Through over 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry we can provide the most comprehensive list of cannabis companies to invest in.


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marijuanaseedsale online
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By far one of my favorite strains, I picked it up last week from dispensaries.


This strains is relaxing and almost works better than my medication treatments.